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IRMA track

Bird Key YC

BKYC came thru the passing of Hurricane Irma with minor wind damage. Some damage to landscaping occurred and there was lots of debris. The marina did well with some minor bumps and scrapes to boats. The tennis courts and fencing were blown around by the high winds. The Club is open, full service to members, and welcomes guests.
Rob Harlan, FCYC Director

Bradenton YC  
Captiva Island YC

The Captiva Island Yacht Club is, as scheduled, closed for the month of September.  We had some slight damage to our docks as a result of the storm, so please contact the club if you planning a trip our way.  We are busy dressing up our front parking lot with pavers

and have a slight delay to planned completion due to Irma. The office will be open for information beginning Thursday, September 14th

through the end of the month.

Overall Sanibel and Captiva fared far better that forecast, with sustained winds of approx 57mph and 1-2’ of storm surge.  Very little property damage to structures on both islands. 

Tom Otoole, Director Captiva Island Yacht Club

Carlouel YC

Our Club sustained no structural damage due to the storm. The tennis fence was displaced and there was substantial tree debris. We suffered no water damage, and the roof is intact. The tennis courts are closed for resurfacing, and the large pool will reopen this weekend. The small pool was unaffected and remains open. We opened with regular hours this past Wednesday, and we are very thankful to have weathered the storm so well. 
Scarlett Fritz, Membership and Marketing Director

Charlotte Harbor YC

Charlotte County Sea Walls—site visit 9/14. They will provide estimates for: Replacing the entire dock (except pilings) at Slip #1. Replacing the entire center dock except pilings—new stringers, decking, all with stainless steel fasteners
Replacing center dock decking only, with SS fasteners
Replacing 4 Slide Moors to attach floating dock to fixed dock. 

Bridges Electric - site visit 9/15
Provide estimate for replacing all electric power posts throughout marina, broken down as follows:
West side posts, center dock, east side posts. It is certain that the bottom of every power post on the center dock was at least a foot under water. Most likely all the remaining posts were under several inches of water, and could lead to problems soon.  
FHS Cranes & Hoists-site visit 9/15

Vendor performed regular OSHA inspection on hoist to ensure safety of the sailboat lift.  We will receive a report with items of concern with repair and replacement estimates. 

Elevator in dock master building is not working, most likely from storm damage. We are contacting a company to look at the elevator and offer repair/replacement options
A & E Alarms—site visit 9/12. 
Master board on fire alarm panel in Dock Master Bldg. is not working properly. Vendor will provide estimate for replacement. 

Removed most of the debris that floated into the marina during the storm, but pieces continue to wash in with the tide and will be removed accordingly. 

Valves are now open from fuel storage tanks to dispensers. No apparent issues with fuel lines now, but the valves were off since the Thursday before the hurricane and it may take some time for the lines to be under pressure before any problems (if any) develop.  

The sunbrella cover for the fuel dispensers on the fuel dock was damaged by the wind.  

We lost several cleats that secured boats to the docks or pilings, some of our throw ring life preservers and safety lines, and one fire extinguisher cabinet. 

We will be moving the small sailboats back to their regular storage areas in the marina, but will do another thorough cleanup/weed removal in the marina before the boats return. This could take up to two weeks.
We have a Water leak on the Ships wheel room.
We lost the front water gutter.
No major damage occurred inside the club.

We lost power to one of our refrigerators,  so all of the food was lost.
Javier Albarran, Vice Commodore

Clearwater YC

We dodged a bullet – only lost a few roof tiles, had the Tiki awning damaged, and some pilings pulled loose. We were closed from Friday the 8th and just reopened yesterday.
Consider ourselves lucky!

Tom Brusini, GM

Coral Reef YC  
Coral Ridge YC

CRYC is up and running 100%  -  minor water damage
Jay Wallace, General Manager

Davis Island YC

Davis Island Yacht Club faired very well, with little damage to the club and grounds, and negligible damage any boats. The minor boat damages were due to the extremely low tide.
Chris Jones, Alternate Director

Eau Gallie YC

Eau Gallie Yacht Club resumed operations today. Limited menu for a few days as staff and supplies are replenished. We only had minor issues. Feel very lucky.
Dude Braselton, Commodore

The Field Club

The Field Club weathered the storm with minor damage to our grounds. We lost 20 trees.  Our club is officially closed for our yearly shut down until October 2nd but the marina and our fuel dock will remain open during the shut down period.
Pat McArdle, Director

The Florida YC

The Florida Yacht Club sustained significant damage to its Clubhouse and River-side Marina; lesser damage to its tennis Courts, fitness center and croquet courts. The entire bottom floor of the Clubhouse sustained major flood damage and major restoration is needed in all traditional Bar and Dining areas. Repairs and cleanup are underway and we are making great progress. Until further notice the Clubhouse is completely closed as repairs and restoration are ongoing. The river-side marina lost its south attenuator wall and repairs are needed to portions of its A-Dock, including power restoration. B-Dock was totally lost during the storm and C-Dock sustained minor damage to a portion of its lifts. Tennis complex sustained structural damage to some of its fencing from fallen trees. Many of its courts and ProShop were undamaged and have commenced operations as usual. Both the fitness center and croquet courts sustained minor damage due to flooding but nothing major. The Fleet and Sailing Center along with the Cove Marina survived unscathed and are operating as usual. We expect to completely repair and restore all affected areas in the coming weeks.
Carol Edell, General Manager

Fort Walton YC

FWYC was so far to the west of IRMA that we got winds of 25 - 35 with gusts to 45 kts.and some rain No damage to the club, no damage to the docks. In fact, boats remained at the dock throughout.
Tom Reynolds, Director

Halifax River YC  
Harbour Ridge Y&CC

Harbour Ridge was very fortunate and received no major damage. For the remainder of this week we are operating on a reduced basis, while cleanup is in progress. Hope to fully return to "normal" next week. Note that our Clubhouse is undergoing renovations and is closed until November 2nd.
Richard Erth, Director

Isles YC

Irma happened during our scheduled shut down August 28th through September 12th. Isles Yacht Club had no structural damage. The Marina was also spared from damage to members boats. Landscaping took a beating. We lost several big trees on the property and landscaping that will have to be replaced. Our contractors working on our refurbishment have not showed up as scheduled so it will cause us to delay our opening to September 20th. Punta Gorda was spared the damages reported in Naples and Marco Island. Our prayers go out to the Marathon Yacht Club and it's members. The pictures reported on television are devastating.
Art Armstrong, IYC Commodore

Key Biscayne YC  
Lake Beresford YC

Lake Beresford was extremely fortunate not to have suffered major damage. The Clubhouse itself sustained none but the pool screen enclosure has quite a few panels of screen missing. Unfortunately, we do not have a backup generator and did lose quite a bit of food in the coolers and freezer. I’m writing this on Saturday, the 16th and we still do not have power to the club or the docks. Hopefully, Duke Energy’s statement that all will have power by midnight tomorrow night is reliable. Our reopen date will depend on when we get our power restored. We have sustained some dock problems but can’t really judge the extent of the damage until the St. Johns River decides to stop rising. Our Clubhouse is high and dry so flooding of the building will not be a concern. Some areas of the docks are under water now. As we get back on a power grid and the St. Johns recedes, I will update our progress.
Anita Clark, Commodore

Lauderdale YC

Just got internet back.  Lauderdale Yacht Club is up and fully functional. Some landscape damage and without power in the club house for a week but back to normal operation now.
Ray Williams, Director

Marathon YC

Marathon Yacht Club will reopen this Saturday night 9/23 with a limited menu. We will be ramping up our schedule during the next few weeks. Please call to check on our hours during this transition period. Our marina is fully functional with power and water and we have slips available.
Don Swatik, Commodore

Marco Island YC

Irma Came to Town!

When you come over the Bridge to the island, the city has posted a flashing sign that says “Recovery Underway – Power and Water Being Restored.” That sign went up on Tuesday, and I think it says it all. The positive spirit of the people here in Southwest Florida is in full display and everyone is looking forward.

So, let me give you a little bit of my perspective on what happened. First of all, the Club, and most of the island, fared better than any of us expected. When I drove in the parking lot on Monday, the first thing I saw was the Tiki Hut – roof and all in place - and appearing to be in good shape. We lost several trees including the two large palms that framed the Club entrance.

We did not have a lot of damage around the Clubhouse. There was a lot of rainwater blown in under doors in the Dockside Lounge. The carpet there is wet and the parquet floor is buckling (again!). There was very little water incursion in the Harbor Room but there were some leaks around windows, etc. There are a couple of glass skylights broken on the upper lanai area, and a window that looks like something hit it, but did not come through upstairs. We are missing one of the herons from the fountain. We have not yet had anybody on the roof – but from the ground you can see one small section near the front riverside that was blown off.

Power came back on at the Club and in the Marina about 5:30 pm on Wednesday. The air conditioning is up and running which will help pull moisture out. We have staff members at the Club today beginning to clean up and we continue to document any damage discovered.

However, the real story of Irma’s visit is with the people. And I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge some extraordinary support we received from our staff and some of our membership before and after the storm. First, Chef Bob, Bob Jr. aka Robert, Pam, Kathy, and Maritza and Zach…working with Bob DeFeo did an absolutely fantastic job getting the Club ready to welcome Irma. They pulled all furniture inside, removed all remaining roll down curtains, and picked up anything that looked like it could blow away. Without a doubt, the aftermath is much less than it would have been without their help and preparation support.

Bob DeFeo, our new Operations and HR Chair, has spent numerous hours before the storm and since working with the staff. He arranged for Pam, Maritza and Zach to be back this week to begin ‘picking up the pieces.’ Tary Kettle, our MasterLinc support person came by on Wednesday to connect with Pam so we can make sure our employees get paid for their time worked before and during the recovery. Even Carlota came in on Thursday to keep our account records, billing and payment processes going.

Please – when you see any of them – thank them for their support, their help and their commitment to the Club. We are very fortunate to have had all of them working together before – and after the storm.

Meanwhile, we had some unbelievable efforts by members to help in Irma’s aftermath. Joey Waves and Erin Milchman have been working tirelessly with Marco Patriots, a group of volunteers who helped in preparation, rescue and recovery from the storm. Joey provided invaluable real-time videos, Erin created a Facebook page for Marco Patriots where over 8,000 Marco residents have been getting and sharing information, and both have been delivering supplies to storm victims, particularly in hard-hit Goodland. They also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for those in need. You can contribute at: https://www.gofundme.com/886c9-marco-island-huriccane-irma-fund.

Allen Richardson and Rich Granville made arrangements to get the down trees cut up and hauled to the curb. Chip and Melissa Pittman have been helping Club members and other individuals check on unoccupied homes and make arrangements for repair. Gillian Hamer and Ray Rosenberg and Jon Holt have been forwarding messages posted by governmental and other organizations both before and after the storm.

Each person I meet has a personal story of Irma and how she affected him or her. I have been struck by the willingness of individuals to pitch in to help. I continue to be thankful that Irma chose to leave a little of our island paradise in place and I know we will now appreciate it more than ever.

Dave Everitt, Chairman, Board of Directors

Moorings Y& CC

The Moorings club is open and the mess is limited to our golf courses. Docks not fully inspected yet but considered to be in good condition. Club reopened Thursday.
George O'Malley, Director
17 Sept 2017 - an update from The Moorings Yacht & Country Club. The Moorings Yacht & Country Club fared well during Hurricane Irma. The docks were complete replaced after Hurricane Matthew so they held up well during Irma. The river is however still full of debris and caution is advised. Additionally, the channel markers and directional signs were lost during the storm, and it will be a few months before they are fully replaced. FCYC Members wishing to reciprocate with the Club must call 3 business days in advance of their arrival so that we may adequately prepare dockage agreements. Thank you.
Ursula A. Gunter
| Director of Membership & Marketing

Naples YC  
Naples Sailing & YC

Overall we were very lucky. We sustained minimal damage to clubhouse and docks. We observed no visible damage to boats in the basin. As of 9/17 we still have no power, with no specific target for restoration. We will be closed for approximately 2 weeks once power is restored. Staff okay and eager to get back to work. Commodore Larry Pirnak and GM Manny Blanco have done a heroic job managing our club through this challenging time. Naples itself sustained huge landscape damage but little or no structural damage to homes and businesses. Thank goodness the feared 15 foot storm surge did not materialize!
Bill Martin, Director
We were very fortunate at NSYC. We suffered some tree and landscaping loss and a couple of awnings off the building. No damage to any of the floating docks or boats moored during the storm.
We will re-open on Wednesday September 27th.
Manny Blanco, General Manager

Pelican Isle YC

Pelican Isle Yacht Club was extremely fortunate.  We are currently closed for Renovations, and with a very small team working with our Construction counterparts, we secured the Clubhouse, Marina, and Construction site as much as possible.  Outside of minor flooding to the basement area and negligible wind damage to the structure and landscape, we came out in great shape. We are working to return to normal operations with intermittent phone and internet and to resume construction and evaluate our timeline for reopening.
As for our local waterways,
Collier County is working to identify and clear any debris and restore 3 missing channel markers.

Our thoughts are with our friends and neighbors who suffered more severe damage.  Ali Feezor, GM

Pensacola YC  
Royal Palm Y&CC

I am very happy to report that our marina and clubhouse sustained NO damage and no boats sustained any major damage with the exception of a few boats with minor scratches. I'm also happy to report there was no incident of physical harm. We did have a 3 1/2 foot storm surge which we weathered extremely well. Our clubhouse remains perfectly intact. The surrounding golf course and adjacent neighborhoods were more affected with many downed trees and uprooted mature foliage. Several roads were blocked inside the Royal Palm community due to downed trees. Personally, we live inside Royal Palm and we never lost electricity and sustained minimal damage with no physical harm. I credit our dockmaster Bob Garey, our General Manager Robin Blankhorst and all Clubhouse Managers and the entire personnel of Royal Palm for meticulously following hurricane preparedness protocol. Our amazing golf staff and grounds keepers are swiftly doing their best to restore Royal Palm to its pristine condition. I am so grateful and thankful for these superior human beings that are committed to doing their best and I am sincerely proud to be a part of this community. The city of Boca is working tirelessly to restore order and expedite clean up as well. I wish our sister FCYC clubs the best of luck with cleanup and restoration post Irma. I know how proud I am of Royal Palm, and I know my fellow Directors share the same sentiment. Wishing all of our sister FCYC Clubs the best.
Lisa Addeo-Colen, Fleet Captain

Sarasota YC

Sarasota Yacht club was closed for it normal yearly upkeep when Irma came through so we were able to close every thing down very well. We had no structural damage. Even the marina faired very well, with no damage. The Marina is open now and the club will reopen September 20, 2017.
Alice Petrat, Director

Smyrna YC

We took quite a blow from Hurricane Irma. We sustained severe damage to our outer docks and had water intrusion at our Tiki Bar. We also had about a foot of water in main clubhouse. With the damage to our outer docks, we will not be able to accommodate transient vessels at the present time. In addition, the Club is currently closed and we do not have a reopening date. We expect it will take several weeks to compete the cleanup and make the necessary repairs. I will keep you updated on our status.
Ron McCall, Director
26 Sept 2017 - As a follow-up to my previous e-mail, we are going to open for business today, September 26, at least on a limited basis.  Also, our Board of Governors has suspended the monthly minimum for September, although many of our members said they wanted to pay it anyway. Lastly, another thing I wanted to point out with regard to reopening as soon as possible is the impact being closed has on our staff. They depend on the income from working at the Club, and the longer you stay closed, the more likely they are to seek other employment. Even if you do reopen, they may not return.
25 Sept 2017 - As we discussed, we had a lot of damage from the Hurricane. Our outer docks were destroyed, and we had a foot of water in our Clubhouse. Our Tiki Bar also sustained a lot of damage. Cleanup is underway, and we hope to reopen on a limited basis on Tuesday, October 3. However, It will take at least six months to rebuild our outer docks.
Reopening the Club, even on a limited basis, is critical to our continued success. The more time the Club is closed, the more likely members will seek other venues for entertainment and dining. It will make it more difficult to get those members back to the Club the longer you remain closed.
While we will only be opened on a limited basis with a limited menu, it is still important that we are open for business. We will provide a venue for our members to gather and explain to them what we are doing to restore the Clubhouse and to make improvements to the facility. Our card players will also have a place to gather as they did before the hurricane. It is so important to return to normalcy after such a devastating event and reopening our Club will help to do that.
Ron McCall, Director

St. Andrews Bay YC

We had no damage and are up and running at a normal schedule.
Patrick Lee, General Manager

St. Charles YC

St. Charles Yacht Club essentially escaped hurricane Irma unscathed. We had roughly 95 mile an hour winds and about a 4-5 foot storm surge. The clubhouse and harbor house appeared to be structurally intact. The dock system was undamaged. None of the boats in the harbor were damaged. We owe much of this good luck to the fact that our harbor rests in a natural hurricane hole. We never suffered any damage with Charlie, Wilma, or now Irma. The only problem is that the yacht club is without power and we are told not to expect any power to the yacht club until sometime after September 22. Our only disruption at this point appears to be to our food and beverage department because of the prolonged power loss. Irma hit the day we were preparing to begin the demolition of our Marina for our new floating docks. Any visiting boaters should be sure to contact our yacht club dockmaster for slip availability and fuel, which will be sporadic during our construction phase until at least around Christmas.
Carl Schultz, Director & Commodore

17 Sept 2017  - St. Charles just got our power back yesterday evening. Please edit my previous comments to reflect that we now have power.Also, should probably adjust our storm surge to 3 to 4 feet instead of what I had written.
This is an excellent idea you had for people to send you their updates, and you distribute them to all other club members! I sure feel bad about Smyrna yacht club.
Carl Schultz, Director & Commodore

St. Petersburg YC

The St Petersburg Yacht Club sustained no substantial damage from Hurricane Irma’s impact Sunday evening into Monday and resumed limited food and beverage operations on Tuesday at noon and returned to full normal service operations on Wednesday thanks to good planning , timely preparation, and flawless execution by the Staff Management and dedicated employees.
Robert Hale Birkenstock, Commodore
St Petersburg Yacht Club is fully operational at the downtown and at Pass A Grille location.
The sailing center will resume full operation next week
Marc Reydams, General Manager

Tampa Y&CC

The Tampa Yacht & Country Club was spared the wrath of Hurricane Irma, experiencing only a spiritual pruning of the numerous Grand Oaks throughout the campus. The Club was closed Saturday thru Monday due to the mandatory evacuation of Zone A in Hillsborough County, but resumed normal operations on Tuesday morning and was able to provide a respite to members still without power the entire week, recording record numbers in the dining rooms. The Clubhouses and ancillary buildings came out unscathed.  Instead of the anticipated 6 ft tidal surge, we actually saw Hillsborough Bay at a level 4ft below normal tides.  We are very pleased with the way that our new docks performed.
Scott B. Fairbairn, General Manager

Tarpon Springs YC

The Tarpon Springs Yacht Club was quite lucky and had minimal damage. Our staff and members are all safe and also had only minimal damage to deal with (Thank goodness). The club is reopening today at 4pm and will continue regular operations tomorrow morning.
Wed - Saturday 11:30am – 10pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm
David Rudd , Commodore

Venice YC

VYC will be closed until Sept 29th. We had minor damages to the TiKi bar. The Marina will be open for business, however, please call before making plans to visit our Marina.
Turk Hemseri, Director FCYC

Vero Beach YC

First, I trust you and yours fared well during Hurricane Irma. The Vero Beach Yacht Club fortunately experienced minimal damage. The usual extensive tree and plant debris and some decorative fencing was damaged. Our waterside Tiki Bar experienced some minor damage of  wind screens. The Club lost power and has just been restored. Normal food & beverage will commence tonight Thursday September 14th at 4PM. One of our finger piers has been damaged affecting two members. Pending the pier repair and the temporary relocation of these member boats, may restrict our ability to accept visiting FCYC member dockage. I will keep you informed of our progress.
Best Regards,
Shawn P. Witmer, General Manager/COO

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